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The first roller skate was invented around 1760 by a Belgian, John Joseph Merlin. Inspired by ice skating, its wheels are lined up behind each other.

In 1789, a Swiss uses used a two-wheeled model to make the first hike in history: seven kilometers under the applause of several thousands of Dutch spectators in an atmosphere of madness!

In 1823, the English Englishman Tyers designed a skate very similar to the one we use today.

The practice of roller skating is becoming widespread, wooden rinks are being built throughout Europe.

In 1863, the American Plimpton invented four-wheeled skates.

In order to spread his revolutionary model, he built skating rinks in the United States and Europe. They were called skating rinks.

The "Federation des Patineurs à Roulettes de France", created in 1910, organizes organized numerous competitions. One of them, called the Patin d'Or, brings together athletes from all over the world who have to travel more than 450 kilometres in 24 hours on a track.

Roller skating has now invaded our cities. It is so true that in 1998 the first roller-skating brigade of the national police was created in Paris!

There are two types of rollers:

- Rollers with two rows of two wheels which is a roller made of 4 wheels!

- Rollers consisting of a single row of 4 wheels.

It seems that it is easier to practice those with only one row of 4 wheels!

From In my point of view, both have the same intensity of difficulty to be learned and practiced!

I started skating when I was eight, it’s my favorite sport!

I do both kinds of rollerblades.

I’ve been skating in a club for only 2 years and I’ve continued to learn and practice alone, now I’m doing it with my friends, in the city or at Skate Park!

I love roller skating because I love speed, sensations, I love to walk around the city, I love sports!

I like how I feel when I’m skating outside, especially when it’s beautiful weather !

This is really the activity I love most of all!

.The rollers band.
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