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Ton projet est intéressant et bien structuré mais il n'y aucune erreur ! et ta fiche sur montrant le taux de mortalité est en français. C'est dommage que ton projet ne soit pas plus "personnalisé" avec des textes rédigés par toi au lieu d'avoir été "copiés" sur un site ou rédigés par quelqu'un qui est bilangue!

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The coronavirus(COVID-19)

I- What is COVID-19?

1-Definition(Symptoms, incubation time, transmission…)


3-People at risk

II- Prevention methods


2- Secondary

III Health education on COVID-19

1-The number of contaminated countries and their method to prevent the spread of the virus

2-The number of infected people and the death rate

3-Consequence of the spread of the virus on Africa


I)1-Definition(Symptoms, incubation time period , transmission…)

-Coronavirus is the name given to viruses from the coronaviridae family. In humans, the consequences can range from a common cold but can also be responsible for serious illnesses and breathing difficulties.
-The incubation period is approximately two weeks before the first symptoms appear.
-This virus is spread by: -Airwayws ; -In contact with secretion; -On contact with contaminated objects.

I) 2-Origin

Covid-19 was passed to us by an animal(Pangolin, bat, snake…)
According to the WHO, China started reporting coronavirus cases on December 31, 2019. The majority of the first infected were in a market near Huanan, located in the city of Wuhan.

I) 3-People at risk

The elderly and people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease, seem more at risk of developing severe symptoms. We know that people of all ages can be infected with the virus.

II) 1-Primary prevention methods:

-Primary prevention methods to limit the spread of the virus:

-To cover the mouth and nose with the fold of the elbow or a handkerchief in case of cough or sneeze, then immediately throw away the used tissue.
- Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
-Frequently clean surfaces and objects that are touched.

II)2-Secondary prevention methods:

-Stay at home when you are sick.
-If you have symptoms of COVID-19, contact your doctor on 15 or 114 but above all you must stay at home and for more information on COVID-19, you must contact the toll free number:
0 800 130 000.

III) 1-The number of contaminated countries and their method to prevent the spread of the virus

-The Covid-19 pandemic affects almost the entire globe. The number of contaminated countries is 175.

The original focus of the pandemic, China has 81,782 cases. The other countries most affected are the United States (85,991 cases), Italy (80,589 cases), Spain (57,786 cases), Germany (43,938 cases), France (29,556 cases) and Iran (29,406 cases).

To limit the spread of the virus, the various contaminated countries have implemented containment to further prevent the spread of COVID-19. People are therefore confined to their homes and can only go out for basic needs, that is to say: -fetching food ; -travel for health reasons ; -travel for family reasons and travel to work.

III) 2-The number of infected and the death rate

-Today the number of cases infected with COVID-19 reaches 532,788 confirmed cases with a total of 24,007 people deceased and 122,672 others have recovered.
The mortality rate has not yet been carried out on a world scale but I have the age-specific mortality rate on the scale of China.(VOIR PDF)

III)- Consequence of the spread of the virus on Africa

-The consequences of the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Africa are to be feared because Africa having a health system much less efficient than those of the countries of the North. Africa having a limited number of hospitals with limited resuscitation beds this is likely to be a major problem in stopping the spread of the virus so it could lead to a much faster spread of the virus throughout the African continent.To limit its damage, northern countries should help Africa to improve his health system and help him cope with the virus because even with a good health system China or Italy have been overtaken by events, that's why we have to help each other and between each country.

Click on the link below to see the fatality level :

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