Alexandre F S Page3

1-the Tools for this experience is black light and jar
2-the protections necessary is glove, blouse glasses of security
3-the material and solution required are vinegar , highlitier , egg
4- The time required is 48 hours . when the time the eggshell disolve in the vinegar
5-The goal is see the charactéristic of the egg
6-The risks is splashign the shell in eyes
7-The préventives mesures against risk with a blouse and glasses to avoid a projections
8-The hypothesis is The acide contained in the vinegar disolve the shels and only a smooth egg will remain
9-The Handling The first step is to remove the inside of you highlighter it in the bowl and pour some of vinegar over the top . Then use your gloves to squeeze the highlighterthen the color of vinefar changed then take your jare ans place the egg Inside Pour your mixture of highlighter and vinegar inside the jar and then pour vinegar inside the jar until the egg is completely covered. Leave the pot to sit for 48hours
10-The result is the eggshell was changed
11-The eggshell as complety disolved by the vinegar .after a little while we see the appearance of a small bubble. it is the formation of the end of the experiment the egg shell has disappeared and there remains more than the egg menbranne
12-cette experience est une reaction chimique et le reactif est la coquille d'oeuf et le produit la menbranne

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