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Ton projet est intéressant et assez bien écrit (malgré les erreurs!) mais il n'y a pas d'images. C'est dommage!

Voici la note obtenue : 14/20


From an early age, we teach children hygiene rules that they will apply throughout their lives, and pass them on to their children. Since the 2000s, we have known various health crises: such as the heatwave in 2003 or the "H1N1 flu". Towards the end of 2019, we discovered the existence of a virus called "COVID-19" or otherwise known as "coronavirus".

Since the detection of this virus due to the sale of a contaminated bat in a market in China, the number of deaths was only increasing in China and now affects a large part of the population in the world. Today we note 7503 deaths in Italy, 1331 in France, and about 3176 deaths in China. The epidemic is developing in Africa, Senegal, and Côte d'Ivoire the Ivory Coast have declared a state of emergency, while South Africa has placed itself in lockdown.

In order to minimize the transmission and spread of COVID-19, several steps have been put in place. The media and social networks will help to prevent, inform people with new information but also certain preventive measures taken by the state.

To begin with, we had have to opt for simple everyday gestures such as washing hands regularly, coughing in his elbow into your elbow or a handkerchief and avoiding kissing. Regarding France, our president has announced the obligation to stay at home, and to go out with a certificate of derogatory displacement only to establish vital purchases as for food or medicine. The hospital staff is far too few to supervise all the sick, it's a health war! But this is also an economic crisis, most people are partially unemployed, so people are afraid to rob the shops for fear of missing out confus!Je n'ai pas compris le sens de cette phrase, and protect themselves as they can with masks and gloves.

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